About St Francis Property Owners (SFPO)

Looking after the interests of the property owners in St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Association

Ratepayers Association

Ratepayers associations are organisations formed by groups of people from a specific geographic community who come together to address issues within their local area and act as a voice for their community.


Non Profit Company

The SFPO NPC was formed to administer the Special Rates Area formed for the Saving St Francis initiative.

SFPO & NPC AGM 21 December 2020 17h00-18h00


SFPO Association

Welcome to St Francis Property Owners, an association representing the future of the greater St Francis to ensure that the region grows from strength to strength and becomes not only South Africa’s premier holiday destination but as importantly, a place to live, own property or start a business.

St Francis Property Owners Association is made up of the original St Francis Bay Ratepayers Association and a non-profit company (NPC) formed to administer the recently approved Special Rates Area (SRA). The Ratepayers Association is administered by a committee voted in by the residents of St Francis Bay each year and the NPC is served by a board of Directors appointed members of the non-profit company.


St Francis Property Owners NPC Logo

THE purpose of a Special Rates Area (SRA), which is based on international best practice, is to enhance and supplement municipal services and aims to achieve this through a co-operative approach in order to halt the degeneration of the area and facilitate upliftment, so promoting economic growth and sustainable development.

This SRA  focuses on:

  • restoration of the river, spit and beach – priority 1
  • upgrading our roads –priority 2\
  • implementingCCTV camera surveillance –priority 3


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