The SFPO consists of two separate organisations


The SFPO NPC is a non-profit company set up to administer the Special Ratings Area (SRA).

If you own a property in the demarcated SRA area (Canals and Village) you pay the SRA levy as part of your Municipal invoice from the Kouga Municipality, and you are automatically a member of the NPC.

The SRA levy is used to fund three key projects of importance to all property owners: CCTV Cameras (security), Roads, and River / Spit / Beach preservation.

All other SFPO services are provided by the Association.

The SFPO is the ‘ratepayers association’ for St Francis Bay.

Membership is voluntary, and there are many good reasons why you should join:

In a nutshell, the SFPO Association provides, among others: 

  1. A Service Delivery interface between you and the Municipality and Ward Councillor to resolve issues.
  2. Promotion of ratepayers’ interests across a wide range of areas including aesthetics, land use, insurance, environmental issues, critical issues (Nuclear Power, cell-phone towers, fibre-optics…)
  3. Input to Municipal policies and by-laws (bush-clearing, solar energy…)
  4. Community policing and support, including feeding the needy in our community.
  5. Local communications and information
  6. Collaboration with other local organisations (Riparians, Kromme River Committee, Disaster Volunteer Group)

New SFPO Association Offices

Just a reminder that the SFPO Association has moved. We are now housed at 28 Lyme Road South. We are in the office space above the garages facing onto the road. Feel free to pop in, and remember to reach out to us on 042 294 0594 or email, and check for updates on our projects on our website 

Membership Renewal

It’s that time of the year again! The SFPO is managed by unpaid  volunteers so the only benefits to be derived are those to the property owners.

We represent the interests of all property owners in St Francis Bay. Join us! For the price of a meal for two you could make a significant difference!

The annual subscription is R500.00 per property owner and pensioners enjoy a discounted rate of R330.00. 

Please visit our website ( to further understand what we offer our members and our community. Alternatively, you can call Lyn Aitken, our Administration Manager, at 0422940594 if you would like to chat to her directly, or email her at Lyn is available in the SFPO office between 08h30 and 13h00 Monday to Friday. 

Our banking details are as follows : 

St Francis Bay Residents Association 
Standard Bank 
Humansdorp Code 050015 
Acc No: 08 249 9276 

Please use your Erf No and surname as reference. 

The community of St Francis Bay thanks you for your contribution!

Roll-Out Of Wheelie Bins – The SFPO Association Can Help

To keep our environment cleaner, the Kouga Municipality is in the process of providing every household in the Kouga region with a refuse wheelie bin. 

The Municipality’s truck has been going door-to-door, street-by-street asking residents to sign for their bin and produce an ID document. Each bin has a unique number for identification purposes. It is recommended that this number is recorded by each recipient and the resident’s Erf number be painted onto the bin.

If you missed the delivery in your area and would like to arrange to collect your bin from the Municipality, please send a Whatsapp message to Swaartbooi on 081 765 8056.

We offer a service to our paid-up members. The St Francis Property Owners Association will arrange collection and delivery of bins to the properties of those owners who are not resident in St Francis. We will do the same for those who will be out of town during the distribution process.

To take advantage of this offer of assistance and avoid the peak season bottleneck, we suggest the following. Members should email our Admin Manager, Lyn Aitken on with name, Erf number, street address for delivery and contact for access, i.e. letting agent/security company etc. A massive thank you to Calibre Security for agreeing to assist with collection and delivery to their clients.

News From The SFPO Non Profit Company (NPC)

Update On The Beach and Spit Breach

There have been many questions around the situation at the spit. There have also been some anxious residents as well as property owners who live elsewhere and can’t be onsite at their canal homes. At this stage, the breach has not yet been plugged. The SFPO, along with the Kouga Municipality, has worked hard on protecting the properties that were exposed due to the latest breach, and work continues at the actual breach.

For long term beach and spit restoration project timelines and more in-depth information, please watch the video interview with Deon Pienaar, below. Deon is one of the directors of the St Francis Property Owners NPC, and his responsibility is the long-term beach protection project. This interview deals with all the questions that have been arising over the situation with the spit, and Deon answers many of the questions in the interview.