The SRA came into affect on the 1st August 2018 when a majority vote of property owners within a demarcated area of St Francis Bay (see map of below) voted to have a 25% levy added to their municipal property rates to fund desperately needed projects and services to reverse the deterioration of the beach and roads and combat rising crime within the town.

To best administer the SRA, a separate Non-Profit Company (NPC) has been registered with a Board of Directors who shall oversee and manage the projects that fall within the intended scope of the SRA. These projects are:-
  • Roads
  • Security (CCTV)
  • Beach & Spit
Other Projects Other projects, services and events that require funding either in full or in part are adminitered by St Francis Property Owners Association with funds collected through membership fees and donations. These projects will be published from time to time when they occur.



A video overview of the benefits of the SRA by Wayne Furphy

Wayne Furphy is the chairman of the St Francis Property Owners Association, as well as the chairman of the Non Profit Company (SRA).
In this video Wayne discusses the benefits of the SRA including the cameras, the work done on the roads, and the river spit and beach project.

Wayne also discusses the recovering property values in St Francis Bay, and the fact that so many people came to stay during the initial COVID period and have been deciding to move into the area on a more permanent basis.

Finally Wayne chats about the funding towards the river, spit and beach restoration project, explaining that The Kromme River Estates, the Kromme Joint River Committee, the Riparians and the Kouga Local Municipality are all contributing towards the funding.

“Without a beach, this town has very limited tourism appeal.”