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Ratepayers associations are organisations formed by groups of people from a specific geographic community who come together to address issues within their local area and act as a voice for their community.

Membership of St Francis Property Owners

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Why you should join St Francis Property Owners

Eight very good reasons to become members of the St Francis Bay Residents/Ratepayers Association.

Never in the history of our village have there been more issues that need to be addressed and unless we remain well informed and can stand together on a host of issues, our town will lose not only its charm but many of the services that are already showing wear.  As residents and property owners we simply have to be in charge of our own destiny and in order to do this the SFPO needs the support of the entire community. Our Association currently has a competent executive team of local residents who are elected by ratepayers every two years. Whether a property owner or a resident renting property, your support is critical to ensure St Francis Bay is all that it can be thus offering all who reside in our town the very best lifestyle they deserve. Start participating in our future by joining the SFPO. The subscription is just R500 a year (R330 for pensioners).

Service Delivery

Water, roads, electricity, security, refuse collection and fire control are debatably the most serious service delivery issues. The Association monitors progress and attempts to work with the relevant Municipal bodies to improve service delivery.

Land Use and Spatial Development

In order to ensure that our town makes provision for essential amenities and adheres to logical zoning patterns a special plan was drawn up. The Association on occasion needs to step in to ensure that inappropriate development does not affect ratepayers’ investments.

Community Policing

The Association works hand in hand with the local police, neighbourhood watch, and local security companies in order to curb crime within our community.

Beach Reconstruction

The Association has members involved in the process. Our aim is to keep the community informed with regard to the pros and cons of the project. 

Riparian Matters

Our association works hand in hand with the Riparian Home Owners association in order to protect these homeowners’ interests.

Critical Matters

The potential erection of the Thyspunt Nuclear Power station was an issue that the Association took up with Eskom.

Provision of Information

The Association has a website that is constantly updated – Public meetings and newsletters (dependent on funding) are used to keep members informed.

Environmental Matters

The Association has strong links with the Kromme Eco-Trust. The two organisations keep each other informed and work together on issues relating to environmental matters.


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Should you wish to renew your membership or join the St Francis Property Owners Association (formerly the SFB Residents Assoc) kindly complete the form below. Once completed click the ‘Join Now’ button and you will be taken to a secure page where you can pay your subscription of R500 (Pensioners R330) with your Credit Card, Bank Card or by EFT. Payment can also still be made by bank deposit to the following bank account:

Standard Bank
Branch Code: 050015
Account #: 082499276

Kindly use your ERF Number and specify SFB or Links (same numbers) as reference to payment

Please note the above is membership to the original St Francis Property Owners Association and not the Non-Profit Company (NPC) that is administering the SRA. Residents paying the SRA Levy are automatically assigned membership of the NPC.

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